The Sounds of Soaak

by | May 18, 2020

Sounds of Soaak

Whether you’re just now dipping your toes in the water, or you’ve been Soaaking with us for a while, you’ve probably seen that each of our frequencies come with three listening options: Original, Nature and Music.

It doesn’t matter which Soaak frequency you choose, you can listen with Nature sounds, Music or in the Original format, and they will all have the same effectiveness. Let’s take a look at those three options and what they mean.

Original – Listening to a raw frequency is powerful and effective. Playing these frequencies in 5-20 minute sessions, a few times a day, is a sure-fire way to encourage your cells in the language they understand. These are the same frequencies used in our Nature and Music options, but without anything added – pure and potent!


Nature – Our Original Frequency, but with a natural touch. You can choose to play any of our Original Soaak Frequencies behind the calm and soothing sounds of nature.  Whether it’s a babbling brook, ocean waves or trickling rain, these natural sounds help lower our stress response and regulate our breathing and mental clarity. This duo is super-natural!

Music – As one of the most beautiful expressions of the human race, music is able to move us like nothing else. Music moves our hearts and minds just like frequency moves our cells. Soaak frequencies, overlayed with music, not only expose us to the core frequency, but to complementary ones from the instruments being played. They work together to raise the vibration of our minds and bodies from the inside out. The frequencies supercharge the music, and they both supercharge our cells!

What’s ours is yours

When our Original, Nature or Music frequencies are combined with our Mindful Intentions, you’re equipped with everything your mind, body and soul need to raise your vibration and the vibrations of everyone around you. Checkout our Soaak frequency library to see what resonates with you. Your toes are dipped and you’re now equipped… Let’s Soaak.