Our In-Clinic Experience

by | Jun 15, 2020


We’re freaks about frequencies 

 If you’re asking, “what’s a frequency,” check out our blog on frequencies to gain a better understanding of what they are, how they work and how they affect your entire life. When you realize the fact that everything in the world is frequencies, it starts to make more sense why we’re such freaks about them!

 The Soaak Protocol

 The Soaak Protocol, sound frequency compositions and Mindful Intentions, was developed and diligently tested in-clinic for years before ever making it to you. This protocol has been the foundation of success behind boosting high vibrational states of productivity, creativity and joy, and in seeing symptoms like anxiety, high stress levels, low libido and more be resolved through the power of frequency alignment.

 Let’s go natural 

 We’ve found that frequencies take the most direct route in addressing your mental state and body. Unlike vitamins and other supplements that the body either absorbs or flushes, frequencies speak directly to your cells – bypassing restrictive barriers. The beauty of frequencies is that they directly affect your cells in their own language, no arguing or convincing required.

 You are what you say you are

 After seeing the powerful impact Mindful Intentions had on our member’s mental health and well-being, we started incorporating specifically written Mindful Intentions into their daily regimen. Remarkable improvements were seen by those who diligently listened to their frequencies and spoke their Mindful Intentions over themselves and into their lives.

 A worthwhile result – one of many

 “I came into the clinic with terrible pain from headaches that nothing would alleviate. I wasn’t permitted any more pain meds from my doctor because of the widespread and massive abuse of narcotics and opioids across the nation. I wasn’t an addict, I was just a well-meaning man in a great deal of pain. After the clinic searched for the cause, they discovered which frequencies would be most beneficial for me. After some months of frequency sessions, I was completely relieved from my pain, and have been free of headaches ever since.” – Jared W.

 You’re in control

 Your cells listen to frequency, and your cells listen to you, because what you say is frequency. True and lasting healing comes when you believe you deserve it – wholeness manifests when you give it permission. The use of Soaak sound frequencies and Mindful Intentions train you to never withdraw that permission.

 You’re empowered to empower your cells and bring abundant health, wealth and fulfillment into your life. Download the Soaak iOS app today and bring the power of the clinic into the palm of your hand.