Mindful Intentions

by | Jul 20, 2020

mindful intentions

“Not just an affirmation”

Let’s get into it! 

Sweet and simple, we want you to have a mind full of Mindful Intentions. 😉 We want you to wake up each day more alive, more confident, and go to sleep each night stress-free, at ease and in a peaceful state of mind – so that your cells can rejuvenate and heal! We want to be the smell of coffee brewing in the morning that gears you up for the day, and the hot bath that unwinds you after all of your errands are done. 🛀

Speaking of baths, what does water have to do with mindfulness?

The thoughts we think and the words we speak are like lightning bolts of energy, charging our bodies to burst into action or ✨ chill ✨ at the end of a long day. Our bodies are 70% water, and our cells are like small electrical plants, being charged positively or negatively with every word we say. Because we’re mostly liquid, the charges we get from using Mindful Intentions make it possible to manifest what we’re mindful of.

Self-care anywhere…

Let’s be honest, some days we just can’t get our me-time in, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get to Soaak. That’s why we text you a powerful phrase twice a day, to align you with your best self. These single-sentence Mindful Intentions are powerful, life-changing gifts for you to claim. Mindful self-care can be done within minutes, and you can thank yourself later!  😌

Inspiration strikes ⚡️

As it turns out, our sudden inspirations and successes happen because of changes in our mindset. The mindset we’re in is directly affected by the words we speak over ourselves the most. The words we use to describe ourselves and our circumstances do something to our cells. So, in a very real way, we mind our bodies!

Confidence is zen…

Thinking and speaking well of yourself is looking better on you than anything Gucci has on the rack. So we’re here to make sure you have the Mindful Intentions you need to create the life you want! We’re real people, writing real vibration-raising intentions that are unique each and every day. From the top of your mind to the toes of your soul, we’re here for you! 🥰