How to Soaak

by | Aug 24, 2020

How to Soaak

Glad you asked

All you have to do is push play on your favorite frequency and repeat your Mindful Intention out loud, or in your head, while you vibe out. Soaak is your mental health boost, anytime, anywhere.

No matter what you’re doing, Soaak

You can be getting ready for work, sitting in your car, stressing or thriving and still Soaak. The Soaak protocol, Mindful Intentions and Soaak frequency compositions give you a holistic and clinically proven way to consciously raise your vibration.

Soaak gets it 

Being in a positive mindset is essential to keeping your mind right and vibration high throughout your day. Soaaking on a daily basis can drastically change your life – because what you think about, you bring about.

We understand that life is busy, and to be honest, we need to be reminded to take time to breathe, and fill our mind with vibrations of love and abundance. Because just a moment of positivity can change an entire day. 

This is why Soaak exists

Raising your frequency is our business, so it can be your reality. We’re mindful of mindsets, because mindsets manifest. (Someone put that on a shirt?)

Just keep Soaaking 

After you Soaak, your system may try to bounce back to what it knew before, and that’s normal. Similar to working out, you have to continue working the same muscle to see results. The same goes for your mind and emotions. A 5-20 minute Soaak session is all it takes for your subtle energy body to realize an elevated frequency, and with practice, make the lasting changes you desire. Your efforts will “stick” better with each Soaak. Repetition is key!

Get your Soaak on

If you’ve already signed up for the Soaak experience, then stop reading this and push play already! If you’re new to Soaak and want to try it out, here’s how it works: 

A few times a day, we’ll shoot you a text or push notification, (straight from the Soaak iOS app.) This text will be a powerful and specific Mindful Intention for you to speak into your life and over yourself. You’ll also receive a link to choose a frequency from the Soaak Library, (a literal ‘good vibe’). The frequencies help match your vibration to your Mindful Intention, creating everything you need to manifest the life you desire.

And that’s on How to Soaak