How to Overcome Feeling Financially Drained

by | Oct 25, 2021

financially drained

Hi, My name is Laura:)

I founded the health clinic that Soaak was born out of. I want to share my personal experience with you about how I went from feeling so financially drained that I was sick to my stomach, to completely debt-free and overflowing with wealth. My hope is that you can take something from my story and integrate it into your life and your finances!

How did I get where I am?

It doesn’t take much to get your finances out of balance. Whether you lose your job, have an unexpected medical expense or even just a growing family, life can get expensive. When you find yourself with more expenses than cash in the bank, it can be difficult to keep your peace and not feel stressed and overwhelmed. I can empathize! I’ve personally experienced this, having a huge debt in my life that felt extremely overwhelming and stressful. From a series of wild, and what seemed to be very unfortunate events, my finances went from somewhat reliable to plummeting overnight. I was left with a huge debt that I couldn’t pay back. I felt completely hopeless and had no idea how I was going to get myself out of that hole.

What is the root?

Why is it that some people attract money and wealth so easily and other people struggle their whole lives and can never seem to get ahead financially? Is there something happening behind the scenes creating this so-called financial fate? I kept asking myself this question when I was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with where I was financially. I had always been very optimistic and done well for myself, so I was confused and irritated that I was now in a place of lack. I decided to make it my mission to study the subject. Was there something happening energetically that was causing this lack? Was I putting out a signal to the universe that I didn’t deserve abundance? Was I secretly sabotaging my ability to gain and retain money? These are the questions I started asking myself.

My experiment

After much research, meditation, prayer, tears and pep talks – I decided to try something that I had never done before. I had read and studied the power of affirmation repetition and how it is scientifically proven to change your thought patterns and frequencies. After finding overwhelming evidence for how real affirmation repetition was, I decided to create a daily discipline that would help me get specific about speaking life and abundance over my finances.

What is affirmation repetition?

Affirmation repetition is taking a certain affirmation, or Mindful Intention, (as we call them), and consciously repeating it over and over. As I learned, the most powerful and effective way to do this is to get yourself into a positive state of mind first – which we call “elevating your emotions.” When your emotions are elevated, you are magnetically attracting the same frequency or “vibe” that you intend on. So when you can hold an elevated emotion while repeating a specific Mindful Intention, you are actually changing the energy in and around your body. Just like a magnet, you start attracting the “good and abundant” things that you’re thinking and speaking about. This exercise is something that I committed to doing every day for 20 minutes. No matter what I was doing, I would stop and repeat the Mindful Intentions that I had written about attracting money.

It was time to rewrite my life

After several weeks of doing this, I started to feel a change. I felt less stressed about how I was going to get out of debt, and just knew I would. I was more peaceful and confident that at some point, everything was going to work out for me. I felt like I was finally clearing old thought patterns about money that had been stifling my success. I rewrote the narrative surrounding money that had been ingrained in my mind throughout my childhood and young adult life. It was a process of unlearning a lot, and realizing that I not only deserve to have abundance, but it’s my right as a human to have all of my needs met and then some! I was able to release the hurt, pain and trauma of the situation and find peace in knowing that I was going to be okay – and that things would eventually work out in my favor. Once I fully let go of the need to know how it was going to happen, my miracle arrived.

Completely Debt free

One morning, out of nowhere, I got a phone call from a friend of mine that said she had been talking to some friends of hers. These friends of hers knew of me through my business, but I had never actually met them. They told my friend that they felt led to give me a financial gift, without ever having heard how much debt I really had. As you might imagine, I was a tad skeptical, (even though I was working on that at the time,) but also excited about the potential gift. After a few days, it became a reality… I saw the money that had been wired to my bank account, and to my complete surprise, it was the exact amount that I had been mindfully intending on – the exact amount of my entire debt! This miracle was unquestionably drawn to me as a direct result of my daily discipline. I cleared, forgave, reset, and totally changed my thoughts and perspective about money. I had reset my energy and attracted what I truly deserved!

My Money 21-day program

Since this experience, the Soaak team and I have created the 21-Day My Money Program, based on the same daily practice that resulted in my financial breakthrough. This program will help remind you to take the time each day to get specific and intentional about raising your money-vibes. We’ll help you realize that you deserve to be blessed and that it’s actually your birthright! There is no problem so big that it can’t be fixed overnight! Miracles are possible and do happen. You just have to shift your mindset and be proactive so that you can manifest the things that you deserve!