How to Achieve Lasting Change in 21-Days

by | Jan 1, 2022

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Change is coming

What area of your life do you always come back to, realizing time and time again that you want to change and grow? You’ve spent time and energy on it, but you’re still trying to refine and improve yourself in that area. It may be your finances, fitness, relationships, spiritual life or mentality. Whatever it is, this is the year it transforms for the better! Soaak has the key to real breakthrough in your life – getting specific and putting the time in each day to change your mindset.

Being specific matters

When we’re setting our New Year’s Resolutions and making the choices that will affect our entire year, it can be tempting to go after everything at once! We’ve found the most effective way to change your life is to get specific about one or two areas you want to improve and give them your focus. When it comes to changing any area of your life, it’s better to do a few things really well than many things mediocre. Soaak has teamed up with leading experts bringing you 21-day learning experiences, specific to any area in life you wish to change.

21-Days forms a habit

Forming a positive, life-changing habit doesn’t have to be difficult – it just takes consistency each day. Most of us have no idea where to start or where to find the tools we need to create lasting change. We hear you and have created a simple tool that only requires you to show up for a few minutes each day. Whether you want to change the quality of your relationships, your relationship with your body, or the way you think, Soaak has the 21-Day Program for you.

Your frequency is what you think about frequently

Why does frequency matter? Because creating lasting change in our minds and bodies means changing our frequency. While our 21-Day Programs are educating your mind and shifting the way you think, Soaak sound frequencies talk directly to your cells, raising the level they resonate at! That’s why one of the tools we equip you with is our frequencies. Because to change your life, you must change your mind – and to change your mind, you must change your frequency. 

Your best habits are on the way

With 21 days of bitesize, digestible information from leading experts, Soaak 21-Day Programs are the answer to manifesting lasting change in your life. Our 21-Day Programs work alongside the daily Mindful Intention messages you’re already receiving from Soaak. Every 21-Day Program includes two custom, unique frequencies to the program and 21 Days of Mindful Intentions written by an expert in the field. Every Mindful Intention comes with a Deep Dive, where our experts and influencers expand on the topic. 

This is the year for the best and highest version of you, and we’re so excited to be a part of it. To learn more, visit our 21-Day Program page here, and let’s start building your best habits yet!