How to Build Lasting Confidence

by | Feb 26, 2022

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Have you lost your confidence?

Whether it’s a job interview, a relationship, or just confronting everyday life, living with low levels of confidence and self-esteem can have a negative impact on the way we see the world and the outcome of our lives. Low confidence levels can create a mental state plagued with negative thinking, feelings of inadequacy and chronic worry or self-doubt. We know we want to speak up, live with joy and laugh louder – but the thought of that can be scary. So how do we build lasting confidence, and why does it matter?


The gift of confidence

A healthy sense of confidence shines through everything we do and gives us a sense of purpose in our everyday lives. Self-confidence bolsters our ability to speak our truth, advocate for ourselves and others, and take advantage of the opportunities that come our way. Confidence says, this life is happening for me, not to me. But building confidence takes consistent practice, self-love, and plenty of grace along the way. When it comes to building confidence, it takes implementing new habits and daily practices. There are reliable and proven methods that work, let’s take a look at a few of those methods. 


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6 Confidence-Building Methods That Really Work


1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Everyone in the world is on their own unique journey, and no two journeys look exactly the same. Comparing ourselves to others can make us feel “less than,” which actually breaks down our confidence. But, a healthy and positive way you can build your confidence is to compare yourself to who you were yesterday and continue cultivating your most authentic self today. This self-expression will also encourage the people around you to be their authentic selves.

2. Go Easy on Yourself 

Take a deep breath and choose to have grace for yourself. Sometimes, in our pursuit of perfection, we can feel like we fall short and get stuck, never meeting the mark. But remember, it’s okay to not be okay. What may seem like short-comings is an indicator showing us where we can grow. Build confidence by practicing understanding with yourself and remembering that every day is its own journey – and that’s important to your self-development! 

3. Face Your Fears Instead of Letting Them Control You

We can either entertain our fears and back down from taking healthy risks in life, or we can face our fears and break the cycle of self-doubt that may have been with us for so long. When we face our fears, something magical happens, we build confidence in ourselves and become stronger for the next challenge. Face a fear today in a small way, and watch how your confidence grows stronger through it!

4. Observe Your Feelings – Don’t Bury Them

Next time you’re faced with feelings you’d like to push down or hide from, take a moment to observe that emotion, where is it coming from, and how long it has been there. Once you have identified the “why,” you can then forgive, release and invite love to occupy that space. When we practice this each time we feel something come up inside us, we are slowly clearing old baggage that holds us back and creating a better foundation rooted in confidence and self-love.

5. Practice Positive Self-Talk 

Words play a massive role in our confidence. Negative self-talk can hinder our confidence because we ultimately believe what we tell ourselves. Oftentimes when we make a mistake, it’s easy to say to ourselves, “Of course I did that. I’m such a failure.” When in reality, mistakes are part of life, and even the most seasoned experts still make them. Instead, try practicing Mindful Intentions like “I’m so thankful to be growing and learning.” 

6. Use the Power of Frequencies to Boost Your Confidence

Tap into your body’s natural ability to resonate with a higher vibration with Soaak’s Self-Confidence frequency. This frequency is an expertly curated frequency mix that boosts your mental, physical and emotional confidence on an energetic and cellular level. Soaak frequencies paired with daily Mindful Intentions are a great tool you can use to build lasting confidence.

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