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by | Mar 12, 2022

Stressed at work? Learn how to take control of any difficult situation, starting right now.


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We’re often told to keep our personal and work lives separate. That sounds ideal, but in reality many people spend up to a third or more of most days working. That means that around half of your waking hours might be spent focused on your job. 

That’s too much of your life to compartmentalize.

If your job is ideal and never feels like work, then that’s great! However, many people experience much of their stress, along with a fair amount of anxiety, during work hours–even when they like their job. 

For those who struggle with this, there is hope. Below are some ways shown to reduce stress and anxiety at work. 

Ready to jump right into tools that will help change how you experience work? Soaak can help. Learn more here.

Learn Mindfulness

Mindfulness has become more and more popular in recent decades. There’s a reason for that. It can help you both concentrate on work, and separate from it when you want or need to.

It also helps you decrease stress and improve overall mental health. 

There are many ways to practice mindfulness. At the basic level, it’s about slowing down and being present in the moment. It’s noticing what’s in the here and now, rather than thinking about what’s next, or what happened yesterday. 

Understandably, it can be hard to stay present in general, let alone at work. 

Sound frequencies are an effective tool that can help. They gently guide your brain and body to return to a natural alignment, no matter how stressed you are. 

Learn more here about how sound frequencies enhance mindfulness.

Set Work Intentions

Work brings unique challenges. You may have a boss you don’t quite vibe with. That same boss might be piling more and more work on your plate (with no raise in sight).

Others love their job, but worry about staying ahead, or tend to get competitive. 

Regardless of the situation, many people suffer with anxiety at work, brought on by doubts about themselves, or fears about financial security. 

These worries are common and very human. But they don’t have to control you. Your body is thirsting for a new perspective. 

We like to say, “What you think about, you bring about.”

An effective way to change the way you think is to combine mindfulness with positive affirmations. They might seem strange at first, but over time they can actually reprogram your brain to look on the bright side. 

We call our affirmations Mindful Intentions™. Rather than letting the day happen to you, you can join in and create your experience. Changing your thoughts empowers you to do this.  

Mindful Intentions are phrases that inspire, motivate, and lift you up. Here are some examples: 

“I am the light in dark places.”

“I breathe in all good things.”

“I create my own positive experience at work.”  

Learn more about Sooak’s Mindful Intentions, and how they can change how you experience work life, along with the rest of your time. 

Feed Your Mind

Have you ever found yourself at the end of the work week, barely remembering what happened? The stress of just surviving can turn us into mental zombies. 

That’s why it’s important to supply your mind with inspiration, rather than discouragement. Whether you’re unhappy at your job, or trying to stay motivated for the next step in your career, what you take in impacts your overall experience. 

Positive, uplifting messages can motivate you to get out of bed in the morning, and make the day your own. 

Mentors and coaches help us stay in a positive state of mind. Look for podcasts, music, or classes that encourage you, either to enjoy the present moment, or envision a different future. 

Soaak offers specialized classes from world-renowned thought leaders and experts in affirmation, motivation, and manifestation. Check out our accessible 21-day programs to learn more. 

Manifest Your Reality

Speaking of manifestation, many people don’t realize how much power they really have over their life. In a sense we’re programmed to think we’re dependent on others to provide us validation or security. 

In reality, you make many decisions throughout each day and year that shape your life. This is particularly the case for work and career. If you’re focused on the things you don’t like about your job, that’s likely all you’ll see. 

Likewise, if you look for the positives, you’re more likely to bring positive change. 

Manifesting good things in your life takes some practice, especially when you’re used to expecting the opposite. Through learning mindfulness, changing your frequency, and setting intentions, you can create whatever you want in life. 

If you’re not sure where to begin, Soaak can help. Start by signing up at or browsing our 21-day programs. Our programs focus on all aspects of life, including work, business and career. 

Find the one that speaks to you. That’s where your journey will begin. 

Express Gratitude

An important part of manifestation is gratitude. Being thankful is particularly powerful when it comes to raising your vibration. And the higher your vibration, the more joy you’ll experience at work, as well as in other aspects of life. 

Even if you’re not where you want to be in your career, you can be thankful that it’s a place to start. A job that makes you miserable can be an important motivator to make sweeping changes in your life. 

You can be thankful for a boss that never lets up, because they’re pushing you to assess your values and see a different future.

You can even be thankful for your doubts and anxieties, because they tell you important things about yourself and what matters to you most. 

Just like manifestation, the art of gratitude takes some time to get the hang of. That’s why our programs often include this important practice.

Shift Your Experience

Work can be a place of joy, or a place of dread. But the environment around you doesn’t have to control your experience. Even if (or especially if) you want to make a career change, you can get much more out of the present moment than you might think.

Start with learning mindfulness, and build upon that with positive affirmations, manifestation, and gratitude. Create a job that works for you.

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