How Gratitude Affects Your Mental Health

by | May 12, 2022

Have you ever experienced times when you realized you were complaining about everything? One bad moment can start to spiral and ruin your entire day.

Fortunately, there’s a cure for the bad day blues. It’s called gratitude! When you flip the story and start to look for the positives in your world, your entire outlook begins to change, and you find a happier you.

Instead of complaining about traffic, you remember that you’re fortunate to have a working car. Rather than being annoyed with your partner for forgetting to clean up in the bathroom again, you will remember the sweet thing they said to you this morning.

Most people feel instinctively that being grateful makes them feel better. Science supports the same idea. One study found the following:

● Gratitude helps minimize unhelpful emotions

● Writing a letter of gratitude works even if you never share it with the recipient

● Expressing gratefulness makes changes to the brain

● Gratitude works overtime

History of Gratitude

While research has confirmed the benefits of giving thanks, it’s not a new concept. Ancient cultures and religions have practiced gratitude for centuries to help improve overall well-being.

Some experts even believe that gratitude was a part of earlier human evolution. Those who appreciated and shared more with others may have shown more resilience and are more likely to survive and carry on the genetic line.

Gratitude may be expressed through a thank you or a recognition of gratefulness. It can also be manifested through taking time to focus on the positives, practicing more empathy for others, and remembering the good things in your day and your life.

Ways to be Thankful

Here are some examples of how gratitude may work in your daily life. You can even start these today.

  1. Pick a co-worker that you sometimes get annoyed with. Think of all the times they may have helped you, or others, at work. Even if you don’t particularly get along, there may be occasional times they make your day easier. Even if you can just think of one or two things, it can take the edge off your annoyance and make everyone happier.
  2. The next time you become frustrated with your partner, think of a time they overlooked your own flaws or behaviors. Rather than criticizing, consider saying, “I love you,” or “Thanks for helping me with my project yesterday.” You might be surprised how quickly your feelings shift. Continuing this over time can improve your entire relationship!
  3. Surround yourself with positive media and materials that encourage gratitude and positive thinking. For example, our 21-day programs feature topics like changing your mindset and focusing on prosperity and blessings. What you feed your mind affects your life. Check out our programs here.
  4. Practice affirmations. Affirmations can help shift your mind to the grateful, increasing hope, empathy, and optimism. That’s why Soaak focuses on affirmations and delivers them to you daily. Learn more here.
  5. Take a “relaxation pause.” Taking a moment to pause in the day, particularly after hearing bad news, can help you disconnect from negative information and turn toward the positive. Our mindful intentions help guide you to take moments of relaxation daily.

Gratitude Letters and Journaling

One of the most known and effective ways to practice gratitude is through writing. Researchers have found benefits from various practices.

For example, writing ongoing letters of gratitude can help rewire the brain and increase the positive effect. Even letters that are never shared make a difference.

To practice the letter-writing exercise:

  1. Think of a person who has made a difference in your life.
  2. Write about what their involvement has meant to you.
  3. Think about how it affected you at the time and how you’re impacted today.
  4. Express heartfelt gratitude.

After a few weeks, pick another person and continue the exercise. You can choose to send the letter, deliver it in person, or keep it for yourself – all options work.

Another great tool to use is the daily gratitude journal on the Soaak app. The gratitude journal helps you focus on the good things that happen to you each day! 

Gratitude and Frequencies

You might be thinking that you’re too stressed out to even focus on the positives – if there are any. We get it! Life can be challenging, and there are times that can seem particularly overwhelming.

That’s why we recommend sound frequencies to help. Simply being exposed to higher frequencies can help calm you, relax you, and even boost your self-esteem! That, combined with our supportive practices, can make it easier to feel grateful and give thanks for the little things in your life.

The Soaak app offers:

● Clinically proven frequencies that help raise your vibrational level. You can access our frequencies anytime, combining them with nature sounds or relaxing music. Learn more here.

● 21-day programs are provided by some of the world’s best-known thought leaders and experts. They often focus on topics of gratitude and positive thinking, which have life-changing effects on your self-esteem, resilience towards the world around you, and your overall well-being. Check out our program options.

● Mindful intentions to help you shift your daily focus. We aim to fill your mind with positivity, changing the way you think and experience the world. While being thankful for others makes a positive difference, how you think of yourself is equally important. Learn how we can help.

Speaking of gratitude, we’re thankful for you.

Simply by visiting us and considering these ideas, you’ve already started to raise your vibration and ours! We’d love to help keep that going, so you can feel the ongoing effects. Visit here to get started today.

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