The Healing Power of Sound

by | Jun 7, 2022

What’s your favorite type of music? Do you enjoy classical guitar or contemporary R&B? Have you dabbled in an instrument yourself, or ever found yourself singing along to certain songs you can’t resist? 

Music, sounds, and vibrations are powerful, and it would be hard to separate them from humanity itself. People have been dabbling with the use of this healing power for centuries, perhaps since we first existed.

Even animals find uses for sound – think of a bird singing, a dog barking, or an insect looking for a mate. We often take this part of nature for granted when in reality, we’re never apart from it.  

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History of Sound Therapy

Aboriginal people from Australia may have been the first group (as far as we know) to intentionally use instrumental sound for healing. They used a large wind instrument today called the didgeridoo to heal injuries and other health issues. The use of the instrument may date back tens of thousands of years. 

Ancient Greeks also knew about the powers of music therapy to improve health. Much like today, they used flutes and string instruments for a soothing effect and to treat problems like stress and insomnia. 

When it comes to ancient instruments, many people are most familiar with Tibetan singing bowls. There is some debate about the origin of the bowls, which may not be as old as we thought, nor actually originate in Tibet. However, many people today, particularly in the West, use singing bowls to help with meditation. 

Experts point out that human-made instruments are not the only early source of therapeutic sound. From animals, winds, and caves, sounds in nature may have all improved health for millions of years. And for that matter, the human voice may have evolved first from musical sounds and singing.

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Modern Sound Treatments

As is common with many health and wellness treatments, our ancestors were way ahead of us in many aspects. While they may not have had modern academic science to prove it, thousands of years of experience and knowledge surpassed the limited decades of research available today. 

Even so, modern science continues to confirm the age-old benefits of sound. Today we may know more about how it works. Sound treatment, in general, is believed to offer these, among other benefits: 

  •     Decreased stress hormones
  •     Increased blood flow
  •     Lower blood pressure
  •     Improved mood
  •     Less anxiety and depression
  •     Better sleep

Scientists are continually exploring new uses for therapeutic sound. One experiment found that soothing sounds helped newborn babies, as well as their parents, decrease stress. Experts also believe that sounds may help with Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, and Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Incredibly, researchers are finding that sound waves used at specific frequencies may change our understanding of chemistry. They may enable vaccines to be delivered needle-free and help drugs target the right areas of the body to combat infections or tumors. 

Sound Frequencies

So how do sounds actually interact with our bodies and brains? It happens through sound frequencies

Just as one tuning fork interacts with another, sounds interact with the brain’s own frequencies. While any pleasant music may make us feel better, intentional frequencies can bring about even better results. 

Often due to stress, health issues, or less-than-helpful habits, our brains become unbalanced. Higher frequencies, created intentionally to improve health, bring them back into balance. This is called sympathetic resonance. 

The process helps with stress, overwhelm, low mood, low energy, and more. The higher frequencies bring out a higher level of functioning. 

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Soaking in Sound

Today, rituals such as sound baths and drum circles are often used to help with both spirituality and mental health. Such events can be a fun, powerful, and healthful experience. 

However, many people don’t have the time or resources to attend spiritual and healing rituals. So what if you could have a sound treatment in the palm of your hand every day?

That’s why we created Soaak. Our app uses modern technology, which allows us to deliver sound frequencies to any mobile device instantaneously. Our sound frequencies, which have three listening options, raw, nature, and music, help bring your vibration back into alignment and balance.

You don’t have to travel back in time, purchase an ancient instrument, or attend a spiritual event (although those things might be fun). You can use Soaak while you’re commuting to work, doing the laundry, or before you drift off to sleep. 

Thankfully, our ancestors culminated lifetimes of experience to learn how to use and benefit from the healing effects of sound. Who are we to argue?

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