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Tap into the power of Sound Frequency Technology with Zik’s new Mindset for Muscle 21-Program, and get the results you’ve been waiting for. Nothing happens by accident. With dedication, determination, and the right mindset, you can create powerful results. Learn Zik’s mindset for muscles directly from Zik himself!

why zik?

Zik became popular with the rise of his YouTube channel ‘ZIAS’. Before becoming a YouTube sensation, JustZik was newly out of college where he earned many credits to his name as a linebacker and a three-year letter winner at Tulsa University. Zik has also been successful in wrestling and track events. Fitness has always played an important role in Zik’s life, keeping him mentally and physically sharp and powerful.

why soaak?

Soaak was created to give you a competitive edge. This Sound Frequency Technology was first successful in a clinic and is now available online. With 24/7 access, you can now use sound frequencies wherever you go – at the gym (like Zik does), at school, in the club, or just by yourself chillin out. See what everyone is talking about and try it yourself!


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why now?

You don’t need to struggle to achieve your mental and physical goals. You may just need a different approach and method. Let Zik walk you through what has worked for him and introduce you to a body hack like no other. There’s never a better time than right now to start something new that could change your life forever. Give Zik 21-days, and he’ll give you back a new body and mindset that will last forever!

What’s included in zik’s 21-day program?

21-Days of Power-Packed Coaching from Zik Himself

Two Custom 20-Minute Sound Frequency Tracks for Working Out

21-Days of Affirmations to Align Your Mind with What You Want

21-Days of Inspiration That Will Change Your Life

21-Days of Hyper-Focused Body Transformation

PLUS! Gain Access to all the Sound Frequencies in the Soaak Frequency Library!

Soaak offers many sound-frequency cocktails to help you become your BEST!

• Anti-Anxiety
• Energy/High-Vibrations
• Sleep Well
• Depression Relief
• Focus
• Memory Support
• Mood Boost
• Immune Support
• Testosterone Boost
• Female Hormone Support

• Allergy Support
• Accelerated Learning
• Cardiovascular Health
• Common Cold & Flu
• Coronavirus Support
• Digestion Support
• Enhanced Creativity
• Exercise Enhancement
• Headache & Migraine Support
• Mental Clarity

• Pain Support
• PMS Support
• Self-Confidence
• Success
• Male Sexual Health
• Female Sexual Health
• Stress Relief
• Tooth & Gum Support
• Wealth & Prosperity
• Whole Body Detox

Use Zik’s 21-Day Program as many times as you’d like, with your Soaak Membership.

Gain access to other 21-Day Programs by world-renown thought leaders and experts on topics such as business, body, mind, spirit, wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

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What People Are Saying

I don’t even try to workout without the Exercise Enhancement frequency anymore. It’s the only way I can keep my drive and focus going in the gym! The results speak for themselves.
~ Foster C.

I used to drink pre workout before going to the gym, but now I just listen to Soaak frequencies in the car on my way to the gym. I’ve noticed a big change in my stamina once I’m at the gym, and I even notice a change in my mental state once the frequencies come on! I feel like Soaak mentally and physically prepares me to have a great workout.
~ Alex F.

You can’t gain muscle without Testosterone. And I don’t go a single day without the Testosterone Boost frequency. I play it every single morning before I hit the gym. I already take supplements, but the fact I can play a frequency to raise my testosterone naturally is THE answer.
~ Tyler S.

I like to use the test boost to start my mornings, or anytime before a workout. Like while driving to the gym, or before driving home to be with my wife. It’s like a channel that resets me to alpha male.
~ David F.

I don’t just play Test Boost before I workout, but any time I need some mental clarity. It’s incredible what 20 minutes of a Soaak frequency can do. It’s also a must for better performance in and out of the gym.
~ Spencer G.

The first time I listened to the Test Boost I felt it! In the gym, all my lifts went UP and out of the gym my confidence zoomed! You guys nailed it with Soaak!!!
~ Stone W.

I compared my workouts back to back, one with Soaak and the next without. I will NEVER workout with without Soaak again. Awesome!
~ Devin M.

Wasn’t sure about this at first until I put it to the test myself. Unbelievable results. Soaak is now part of my workout every time I go to the gym or on a run.
~ Maurice S.


Stop taking shots in the dark and missing your fitness goals. Zik shares his powerful and valuable methods with you to turn your missed shots into huge scores!


Stop taking shots in the dark and missing your fitness goals. Zik shares his powerful and valuable methods with you to turn your missed shots into huge scores!


Zik’s mindset has brought him to where he is today. The right mindset for muscles will transform your body and change your life!


Soaak Mindful Intentions™ (positive affirmational messages) strengthen frequency efficacy. Our thoughts control the frequencies at which we resonate, and every word holds a specific resonant frequency. Being intentionally specific of our thoughts and words is the most powerful thing we have as humans. What you think about you bring about!

Sound frequencies

Soaak Frequencies are mixed with Zik’s favorite jam, that activates your body’s natural energy flow. They are clinically proven to increase endurance, enhance focus and boost mood. They also support cardiovascular health, oxygenation, aerobic capacity, muscle mass, post-workout recovery, and boost testosterone.