Mental Health and Wellness in the Palm of Your Hand

Clinically-proven Sound Frequencies, Mindful Intentions™, and 21-Day Programs to address mental health, physical performance and emotional wellbeing.

Message From Our Founders

Soaak was born from in-clinic practice using sound frequencies and Mindful Intentions (positive affirmations) to address mindfulness, mental health, and wellness.

After years of clinical research and thousands of customers and testimonials, we decided this same practice should be more easily accessible to everyone at a lower cost.

Our customers had to make appointments several times a week in the clinic and spend an average of $800 per month. Though some were able to follow this protocol, many were not. After countless testimonials and requests for a more accessible and affordable solution, our desire grew to share the in-clinic experience with the world at a fraction of the cost.

Over several years, we worked with world-class experts to make our dream a reality.

No longer confined to the four walls of our clinic, the Soaak protocol is now available on our user-friendly Android and iOS apps, Amazon Alexa Skills, Roku TV, and web-based platform.

Each member receives access to our library of sound frequencies, daily Mindful Intentions, and 21-Day Immersion Programs led by experts and global thought leaders.

We are delighted to make Soaak available to everyone and feel honored to be changing lives around the world.

What is Soaak?

Soaak provides mobile sound frequencies clinically proven to boost mood, bolster productivity, increase mindfulness, promote a deep night’s sleep, and decrease levels of anxiety and depression.

Soaak uses leading-edge technologies providing frequency alignment at the subtle energetic and cellular levels; and is recommended by a wide range of professionals, including medical practitioners, therapists, and scientists.


All matter emits sound frequencies, and everyday stressors can easily disrupt the frequencies of our cells. Soaak sound frequencies realign unstable frequencies in the body through sympathetic resonance.

The Soaak App

The Soaak app provides an in-clinic experience in the palm of your hand, accessible 24/7.

Soaak App


Available in three listening styles: original, nature, and music. Downloadable sound frequencies for offline listening.


Soaak Mindful Intentions™ (positive affirmations) are delivered twice daily to strengthen the efficacy of Soaak sound frequencies.


Soaak 21-Day Programs bring awareness to specific areas of life that deserve focused intention, such as money, health, business, relationships, and more. These programs are curated and delivered by experts, celebrities, and thought leaders.

Other App Features

  • Educational blogs
  • 24-hour gratitude journal
  • Calendar reminders to “Soaak”
  • Choose the time of day and time zone to receive messages
  • Save sound frequencies and Mindful Intentions to the favorites page
Soaak App Journal

Many of our customers compare 5-10 minutes of Soaak to one hour of meditation, but with more immediate results and successful outcomes.

Soaak boosts the meditation experience dramatically while adding even more. With expertly curated sound frequencies and Mindful Intentions created for specific outcomes, Soaak works effectively and immediately.

Those with symptoms of depression or anxiety sometimes find it difficult to meditate, as their thoughts may result in adverse outcomes, referred to as “negative rumination.”

By contrast, the Soaak protocol opposes negative symptoms by bringing an unhealthy body system’s depressed or anxious low vibrational frequency back into alignment at the cellular level, regardless of what a person may be “thinking.”

From five years in-clinic, we found the same to be true when addressing all forms of stress, insomnia, brain fog, low energy, low libido, and more.

Amazon Alexa

With the Soaak Skill for Alexa, Soaak members are now able to interact with Alexa through phrases such as “Alexa, tell Soaak to boost my mood,” “Alexa, tell Soaak I can’t sleep,” and “Alexa, tell Soaak I feel anxious.” Alexa will then play the recommended Soaak frequency.

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What People Are Saying

“I added Soaak sound frequencies to my morning and prior to client calls and all I can say is, my mind is blown.”
~ Donna M.

“Soaak helps me to get positive when I need encouragement and stay positive when I’m already feeling good. It is nice to be reminded of the goodness that’s always around us.”
~ Allison W.

“My wife hasn’t been able to sleep more than three to four hours a night for the past ten years or so. Last night, she listened to the Sleep Well frequency before going to bed and slept for 10 hours straight! I had to go check on her to make sure she was still breathing because I couldn’t believe it!”             ~ Jason T.

“The anti-anxiety frequency is my new travel buddy.”
~ Lauren J.

“Soaak Frequencies have improved my sleep. I listen to them before I go to bed and I have been able to sleep all night without waking up. The best thing is, I don’t have to take a pill to improve my sleep!”
~ Jerry G.

“My favorite frequency is the Female Hormone Support. I can tell it lifts my moods and stabilizes my hormones. I do it as often as I can!”
~ Katherine G.

“Soaak frequencies make me feel light and refreshed. I always feel better after I do my treatment.”
~ Laura D.