What is Soaak?

Soaak provides mobile sound frequencies clinically proven to boost mood, bolster productivity, increase mindfulness, promote a deep night’s sleep, and decrease levels of anxiety and depression.

How Do Sound Frequencies Work?

All matter emits sound frequencies, and everyday stressors can easily disrupt the frequencies of our cells. Soaak sound frequencies realign unstable frequencies in the body through sympathetic resonance.

The Soaak Protocol Includes

Clinically-proven frequencies to bring the body back into alignment for a healthier, happier you. Choose a frequency from our library that resonates with you.

We’ve combined frequencies with the knowledge and expertise of leading experts to deliver powerfully potent transformative 21-Day Programs.

Our daily Mindful Intentions (positive affirmational messages) strengthen the efficacy of Soaak frequencies to bring about your desired outcomes.

Where to Use Soaak

With the Soaak Skill for Alexa, Soaak members are now able to interact with Alexa through phrases such as “Alexa, tell Soaak to boost my mood,” “Alexa, tell Soaak I can’t sleep,” and “Alexa, tell Soaak I feel anxious.” Alexa will then play the recommended Soaak frequency.

What People Are Saying

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