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Sound frequencies for energy, focus, fitness, sleep, meditation and more.

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The Soaak Method Includes

Sound Frequencies

Clinically-proven frequencies to bring the body back into alignment for a healthier, happier you. Choose a frequency from our library that resonates with you.

Immersion Programs

We’ve combined frequencies with the knowledge and expertise of leading experts to deliver powerfully potent transformative 21-Day Programs.

Mindful Intentions


Our daily Mindful Intentions (positive affirmational messages) strengthen the efficacy of Soaak frequencies to bring about your desired outcomes.

You’re Not Alone

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The Soaak Solution

Soaak offers over 30 unique sound frequency mixes, each with three listening options – original, nature, and music. Click play to sample a few of our most popular mixes.


Helps calm the mind, body and soul. Supports: deeper breathing, a calm mind at a cellular level, reducing anxiousness, and increasing peacefulness.

Sleep Well

For a great night's sleep. Supports: falling asleep faster, less tossing and turning, deeper REM sleep, and waking up refreshed and energized.

Energy/High Vibrations

Supports: boosted energy levels, cellular oscillation at a higher vibrational frequency, positive thought patterns, and joy.

Depression Relief

Helps alleviate feelings of depression. Supports: clearing of old patterns that hold lower vibratory emotions, overall sense of well-being, hope, joy and love.


Helps provide clarity and attentiveness to the mind. Supports: clear thinking, focused mental energy, reduction of distractions, and mental stamina.

Memory Support

Helps alleviate brain fog and mental fatigue. Supports: clarity of thinking, mental sharpness and awareness, increased mental cognition, and memory recall.

Soaak Stories

Soaak Testimonial

“Soaak has helped me manage my migraines and anxiety, as well as helped my young daughter with her anxiety. It’s been a great relief to have as a resource!”

Kaylyn F.
Soaak Testimonial

“I love getting the affirmations several times a day. This helps me lift up, refocus and recalibrate through the day.  I’ve seen a difference gradually since starting Soaak.”

Sandy Q.
Soaak Testimonial

“I have noticed such a huge difference since Soaak! I can just tell my energy is better. I’m a lot happier. I’m more playful. I’m getting more done. It is amazing!”

Taylor F.
Soaak Testimonial

“It calms my mind so I can focus better and feel less chaotic.”

Jen R.
Soaak Testimonial

“The affirmations and declarations are really powerful. And I can already feel how my mindset has shifted to be more positive, assertive, and overall content.”

Sydney M.

Immersion Programs

We know that your time is limited, so we provide 21-Day Immersion Programs that combine the extensive knowledge of our experts with clinically-proven frequencies through powerful doses delivered in 5 minutes or less.

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